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The Secrets of the Soul

Written by  Study of Yoga Crew
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By: Dr. Adam Cohen

As children we use to play amongst the budding oak trees, mystified by the sweet fragrances of the warm spring air, enchanted by the secrets of the world. Days weren’t measured linearly like numbers on a watch but in moments within moments, captured by the ebb and flow of the natural pulsations of life. People weren’t measured as commodities nor were the drifting experiences of life seen as fleeting. The earth was alive, and we were a part of something greater to which divisions between self and other were ethereally vague.

Trapped in the impulses of conformity, and ridden with self doubt and greed, many of us have lost our ways, crawling through life like soldiers in the trenches, avoiding the airborne shrapnel of unpredictable circumstances, fearing the sky for its rain and dreading the earth for its hidden mines. Yet within each of us there is a cry for salvation, freedom from the turmoil of our own conforming thoughts and liberation from the sorrows of a world we have fortified with walls we cannot scale.

Each of us, in our own lingering ways, have created the boundaries of our reality with electrified fences, keeping everything that is familiar within and all that is foreign without. Though the deeply etched lines of our indignations have protected us from the fears of the unknown and the pains of the unforeseen, we remain trapped in a reality from which we cannot grow, a life that is difficult to salvage even with the most pressing of needs.

Limitations come from comforts, and comforts arise from familiarities. That which gives us security also exposes our deepest of wounds, and like fish cornered in an alcove within the river bed, we leave ourselves open for attack from even the slightest of changes within the limitations of our conformed definitions of reality. One faulty nail imbedded in a decaying wood beam needs only but a soft tap to bring the whole structure crumbling to the floor.

How have we come to this place of unrest, where that which we expect and depend upon, the predictabilities of our lives, have left us vulnerable, scattered amongst our worries and fears? The difficulty of our era is found in our prosperity, where an abundance of much that is not necessary has given us a reality which is unnatural, unethical, and self-degrading; Sciences proclaiming that we are just machines; sanctuaries of life demolished for slabs of beef; political strife and social injustices on scales never before seen all in the name of resources which we don’t really need.

2/3 of all military spending is for the fuel which drive the cogs of economies, militaries which protect our inalienable rights to own private jets and stables of SUV’s and monster trucks, all sustained by the idea that more is better, and better makes us the best.

Softly whimpering in the chambers of our hearts, a voice within whispers a cry for help: this is not the way. Our unhappiness is viral and universal, and like a disease it spreads with our misguided dreams and broken love for the natural world. Doubt and disruption is a product of an intuitive knowledge of something greater and more pristine. Like a cosmic vision we taste the sweet nectar of a way to life that is superior to anything we have unearthed before, a place where the wholeness and harmony of life can return with the prolific advantage of a mind that is capable of self-knowledge and perception.

There is something greater waiting for each and every one of us, a secret of the soul that echoes in the deepest recesses of our inner being. The stalwart lock that conceals the wisdom of our Self cannot be picked with rational deduction, nor can it be smashed with haphazard impulses or meandering desires. Only through a transformation of being can the lotus of our truest potentials be unveiled, an innocent curiously to explore life beyond the boundaries of our mind under the embracing thoughts that there is an infinite amount of things we have yet to know, yet to experience, and yet to be.

Life is a mystery, and the mystery can never be lost. And as we live we are intimately dancing with all that surrounds us, shaping, moulding, and manifesting the movements of the future for ourselves, our children, and all the life that glistens around us. Nature is alive, we are alive, and life itself is beautiful in every imaginable way. We are not indefinitely lost at sea. It is the fog of our illusioned perceptions and actions that create the treacheries of our lives. There are many beacons to guide us both within ourselves and without in the world that we see. Yet the blind cannot lead the blind, and our salvation can only arise from the propulsions of a newfound curiosity to do that which has not yet been done, to expand beyond our impulses and routines to find a holistically revolutionary way to live our lives.

The essence of life is profoundly surreal; we live amongst giants and walk underneath the cosmos. What we have lost is but a fraction of what we have yet to gain, and each and every one of us has something exceedingly and abundantly unique hidden within our souls. The mysteries of life are in the secrets of the soul, unfathomable dimension in concealed reality where our being melts into a Universal Being painted in multifarious pigments of divine qualities of love, life, and pure synthesis. Not all who wander are lost, and not all that are lost will always wander. To live is to wonder with awe, exploring beyond that which is known to search into worlds far exceeding the places that are familiar and known. And in this journey we are free, and in our natural beauty we are One.

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