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The Ascending Winter: Finding a Natural Flow

Written by  Study of Yoga Crew
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winter1The frigid wind, coarse and nearly abrasive, speaks of a lifeless moment. Twirling and twisting, it dances, suspended between jagged white capped peaks tarnished by eons of imposing presence, their monumental stature mounted within the innumerable years intimately captured within the cycles of Mother Nature. This is the call of another winter, a seasonal expression of Earth in her teeter totter, rhythmical waves of self expression. But underneath the frozen tundra, hidden in a slumber beneath the icy crust, life sleeps, silently awaiting the clock-like guarantee that a vibrant spring will abound adorned with the infinite novelties of creation in abundance.

Humanity may have meandered curiously away from nature decades ago, searching for immortality through control, yet nature has never departed from us, and as far as we may delude ourselves from our insurmountable bond to her, we are ever shaped by her omnipotent life pulse.

Winter has arrived, the shifting tides of life recoiling from an outward dynamic of expression to contract into the dormancy of involution, a spacious cavern of organic withdrawal where energy is harboured for reform, rejuvenation, and potential discovery. And under the milky white veil of crisp snow the learned wisdoms of the summer of life return to their inner auditorium to collaborate and investigate new paths in the forest of life under the arching trees of imagination and self-discovery.

winter2The mellowed moments of winter are here to take us into our own naturally indrawn phase of self-exploration. Nature is beckoning us to consider her cycles: “follow me” her cool breath whispers “along the journey towards synchrony and flow”. Her winter provides us with fortified solidarity to withdraw and reflect upon our own unique wisdom of creation accumulated from the spring, summer, and fall. Energy contracts back towards the center to organize into a new pattern and expression of self to be tried, tested, and investigated in the dawning phase of an unknown, unventured future.

Existence is neither monotonous nor mundane. An unimaginative state of being is naturally impossible. Only through our resistance to uncertainly and the unknown do we find ourselves trapped in routines that harbour self-defeat. Life in Nature is constantly challenging us to grow; she gestures through the call of the wild, her ever changing stroke of imagination canvassed upon the rhythmical waves of infinite possibilities that are actualized through the naturalization of life and being. Winter, the inner sanctuary of the soul, a spacious home for recreating ourselves in any way we reflectively choose. And then comes spring! Will the aroma of our pedals speak of a reflectively mindful winter?

By Dr. Adam Cohen



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