About Study of Yoga

General Introduction

soyThere are indubitably thousands of websites offering thousands of lessons on yoga and spirituality. What sets Study of Yoga (SOY) apart from the rest is our elemental design: freely accessible material covering a broad range of topics rooted in the primal essence of the yogic spiritual sciences.

We have compiled the materials on SOY with versatility in mind. Some classes are purely therapeutic based and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of beliefs or doctrines.  Nevertheless, our fundamental vision is to take our visitors towards the pre-eminent nature of their being. It can be best capitulated as such: “All things are changing; nothing dies. The spirit wanders, comes now here, now there, and occupies whatever frame it pleases...For that which once existed is no more, and that which was not has come to be; and so the whole round of motion is gone through again...Only the bodies, of which this eternal, imperishable, incomprehensible Self is the indweller, are said to have an end” and so “one must come to realize that which never fades nor parishes, the cosmic Being which permeates in the immortal Self.”

SOY’s principle mission is to guide our visitors towards happier, healthier, and fuller lives. The techniques, practices, and discourses available here were created with the intention of bring more love and harmony into the world. Mother Nature and humanity are both struggling through the trials of the latter as our species works to find solid footing upon a symbiotic synergy that satisfies both the needs of the individual and the ecosystem at large. Our contemporary generations are walking upon a razors edge that will unequivocally lead to disaster if we allow the narcissistic approach of life to prevail over the intuitively connected one.   But there is a simple solution: Follow your Bliss, because that which is spiritual in nature automatically fulfils the multidimensional needs of the inner-being while also satisfying the requirements of the natural ecosystem. A spiritualized being is a symbiotic being.

Materials are constantly added to SOY’s database so if you have already browsed all of the resources presently available and would like more we would suggest visiting regularly as several new classes are added monthly. The easiest way to keep updated with SOY’s new materials is to subscribe to our Podcast which will automatically download our newest classes when you open your iTunes.

As we say in India, Namaste; we salute the Divine within you!