Using SOY’s Interface

We have tried to make SOY as user friendly as possible, but in case you are having difficulties in finding what you want here is a quick tutorial that should reveal the missing details you are looking for.

Our resources have been divided into two primary categories: Classes and Discourses. The Classes cover the practical aspects of yoga which include techniques such as meditation, yogasanas (posture), and pranayama (breathing). The Discourses are lecture-based classes that delve into the philosophy and psychology of spirituality.

tagSelecting a Class

The Classes and Discourses can be accessed in several ways. The easiest option is through the menu bar at the topic. From here you will be directed to corresponding sub-categories from which you can select the class you are most interested in.

Another option for finding a resource is through the Tag Cloud (see image to the right). The Tag Cloud includes keywords which are related to the various classes. By selecting a keyword from the Tag Cloud you will be taken to a relevant class list. For instance, by clicking Audio all the classes that are in audio format will appear.

playListening to the Audios Online

Almost all of the classes on SOY have a corresponding audio file. This can be listened to online through the media player (see image to the right). This player is very simple to use and does not require any special downloads. Just click the play button to begin listening.

Viewing the Videos

Some of the classes on SOY are accompanied by a video. The video player is Youtube based and therefore has the same requirements as the Youtube player. This includes the Adobe flash player and sometime the Microsoft Silverlight.

Downloading the Videos and Audios

downloadEvery video and audio has a matching Download Link (see image to the right). You can find this link at underneath the audio player.  Once you click the link your web browser will either automatically begin the download or ask you where you would like to save the file on your computer.

podcastSubscribing to SOY’s Podcast

Podcasts are great online features that have been popularized by iTunes. When you click the SOY Podcast button (see image to the right) your iTunes will automatically open and begin to download the most recent classes from SOY (in some cases your computer might prompt you to ask if it is ok for your browser to open iTunes. Just click OK). From that point forward, whenever your iTunes is connected to the internet, SOY’s classes will automatically be downloaded into your iTunes audio folder. It is very easy to use and is also totally free.

Sharing SOY with Your Friends

socialEvery class has a set of button-based links that connect to different online social networks. Through these buttons you can share these classes on your favourite social networks like Facebook. If you like the class please share it with your friends so that more people can enjoy our free classes. Thank you!